The Sugababes (aka Mutya Keisha Siobhan) harmonize the absolute shit out of "Flatline" in a live acoustic performance

The Sugababes (aka Mutya Keisha Siobhan, fuck dem other bitches parading around with the name) gave an acoustic performance of their latest single "Flatline" and put UK girl groups on indefinite notice. They even caught some hair pieces from girl groups across the Atlantic. Check their performance out after the jump. Grab a thick sweater. You may catch some chills.

Those harmonies were on such fucking point. The girls' sounded better there than on the studio recorded version of the song. This version so damn good and definitive that I think Universal need to get this shit mastered and put up on iTunes for purchase. I'd toss Apple 99p for this straight away.

There's still no word on when the new album is droppin, but there is news of a tour. Well... it's not much of a tour really. Just 6 gigs around the UK. But it's better than nothing. Their gig at Scala looked electric and I kicked myself for not bothering to try and get tickets. So I think I'll be up for seeing them during their stops in London.

Heidi, Jade and Amelle need to squash all plans of a comeback. We've got all the Sugababes we need right here. I have love for Heidi, but she ain't ever given me what Siobhan gave me right here. Girl, bye.

Mutya Keisha Siobhan flawlessly perform acoustic version of 'Flatline' @ Toya's world


  1. Angels twerked in heaven to this.

  2. This was amazing. Those harmonies!!! I'm mad they're flopping hardcore. WTH!!

  3. disagree about heidi. listening to this just reminds me that heidi would have done just as good. i have love for siobhan but i liked heidi better alongside mutya and keisha.


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