A-chan and Nocchi roll dem hips on live television to "1mm"

Perfume's "1mm" is crack. 4 minutes and 16 seconds of crack. Yet Perfume opted to perform some 2 minute ghetto edit of the song to make way for a full blown performance of "Chocolate disco". I love me some "Chocolate disco", but that song ain't fucking with "1mm". To be denied a full length performance of this song, it upset me. It upset me deeply.

1mm / Chocolate disco (2012 mix)

It was great to see the sections of the "1mm" routine we were denied in the music video. A-chan and Nocchi owned this shit. I forgot Kashiyuka was even there for the most part. Perhaps if she got rid of those bangs I might have paid her more attention. Kashiyuka's lack of rhythm and movement in the waist is tragic. Nocchi and A-chan had dem hips and backs rollin' like they were trying to get that rent paid. Kashiyuka looked like she was trying to post a letter through somebodies letterbox with her pussy.

Perfume's routines for the LEVEL3 era have been some of their hottest and "1mm" is up there with Perfume's best. The routine looked tighter in this live performance than it did in the music video.


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