Music video: Rihanna - Pour it up

The Forehead let Miley Cyrus have her fun, but now the queen of the vaginal grope is back to show little white girls how REAL bitches do 'ghetto trashtatic hot mess'. I loved that Rihanna was singing about having so much money, yet was looking like the cheapest trick a welfare cheque can buy.

There was so much damn water and the opening or Rihanna's legs in this video, that I felt like I was watching the pool birthing video of her future child.

I'm sure Mummy Fenty is real proud of this shit. She gon' send the VEVO link to all her friends and talk up how her daughter made it. Bigger star in the world resorting to looking like a 5 Monopoly dollar ho in somebodies flooded basement.


  1. I'm not going to lie to you, J...

    This video legitimately makes me wonder if I'm getting old. Damn. I can't with this shit.

  2. Now first things first, the state of Rihanna's wig is concerning. For someone who is apparently worth 90 million, she should not look like she done smuggled a Marilyn Monroe wig out of her local Halloween costume store, and had her home girl Melissa sew that shit on top of her head. She did not look the least bit sexy or enticing in this video; I've seen one legged strippers at the local gentleman's club look sexier than her. I'm talking hoes with battle scars and tattoos galore. This video has stimulated my olfactory senses and gave me a clear idea of what the in between of Rihanna's legs might smell like. I now can't get the smell of cigar smoke and ackee and saltfish out of my nostrils.

  3. I saw this video @ Vevo. Immediately came here to read your commentary.


  4. Lawd have mercy!! What is this ratchetness that has defiled my screen and darkened my brain Y_Y


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