Pamyu Pamyu is the face of toothpaste. Ayu's breakdown continues.

Kyary Pussy Pamyu is now the face of a Japanese toothpaste brand. Pussy Pam is the face of every-fucking-thing in Japan. You'd have an easier time listing the things this girl has not endorsed over the past 2 years.

For all of the ways in which Pussy Pam is pimped in Japan, she does things on her terms each and every time and I have to give a girl props for that. Every brand she has partnered with has gone out of their way to fit everything of theirs into Pamyu's world aesthetic. Say what you will about this girl, but her image stays consistent and unmistakably Pamyu Pamyu no matter which company is signing her cheques on a given week.

Ayu is sat in some basement bar in Harajuku lying in a puddle of her own tears, asking a basket of pork rinds why nobody wants to buy her music and Panasonic and Honda ain't hollered at her in a while. I wish Ayu would ask this question to me, I'd just hand her a copy of Nanda collection.

I just can't hate on this girl. Her image and her music is too damn consistent and she's getting paid what I wish my ass was getting paid to wear a wig, a skirt made from silly string and hold a toothbrush.

Album review: Nanda collection


  1. The song playing in the ad is actually the b-side to her new single "Sungoi Aura".


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