Perfume perform a song from Game which everybody loves and a song from LEVEL3 that nobody really cares about

Perfume perform a song from Game and a song from LEVEL3 | Random J Pop

Perfume gave my hating ass soul a rest and finally put on something other than those damn white dresses with the coloured triangle, but their shoe game was still basic as hell. I am sick and tired of these girls performing in dead pumps with a 3cm heel with scotch tape wrapped around the shoe to stop it flying off whilst they're dancing. Can we not get these girls in some ankle boots? Maybe those "Mirai no museum" brogue booties with the heels? Or how about we throw it right back to the Game days when Kashiyuka and Nocchi used to rock up to stages in knee high boots!?

Watch the girls step it out to their mega smash which will stay forever relevant "Polyrhtyhm" and that song which nobody really loves "Magic of love".

"Magic of love" is not my favourite song from Perfume, but whenever they perform it live they do it a major justice. Nocchi's non auto-tuned crusty vocals warm this cold heart of mine every time.

I'm going to take this moment to have a heart-to-heart with girls out there who are on diets (aka starving them-fucking-selves). I'm bringing this up because A-chan looked gaunt in the face in this performance. Home girl was looking frail, as though she hadn't eaten since the shooting of the "Fake it" video. A-chan, you best start eating some food. I can't have you collapsing at the Tokyo dome this December. But even if A-chan were to collapse, it would probably be the best looking collapse ever. Projection mapping on a bitch as she goes down, with Nocchi and Kashiyuka making that shit look a canonical part of the routine.


  1. Omg. A-chan fainting during projection mapping and them acting like its nothing? That would be both scary and freaking amazing... A-chan has projection mapping seizure during the dance for Clockwork or Party Maker haha xD

  2. I love when they perform "Polyrhythm"; it's just so nostalgic! And I love "Magic of Love" with a passion, it's so classic! This whole performance was good!


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