Mariah riffs, freestyles and throws shade in an intimate performance for super fans on Jimmy Fallon

Mariah riffs, freestyles and throws shade in an intimate performance on Jimmy Fallon | Random J Pop

When Mariah went backstage following her stint on Jimmy Fallon to debut "The art of letting go" to some super fans, she acted a hot mess to the very same fans and gave what was one of her best performances in ever. Mariah riffed on a bunch of random shit to a piano acoustic version of "Fly away". Mariah was singing about what she up to in the day, why the hell she was there and even managed to throw shade at a fan for filming her on their iPhone from her right side - because that side of Mariah ain't right to shoot. It was hot. It was messy. Mariah hit all the right notes. Whatever this shit was, it beats all of the singles she's tried to catch hits with this era.

Dear Mariah. Give us more of this please. More humour. More shade. More singing in key. More dressing in outfits which suit you and your shape. I'll even letting those pleather jeggings (ain't no way home girl tlac'd up to go into no real leather) slide, because Mariah was looking modest.

I'm convinced Mariah riffed her way through "The art of letting go" because she doesn't know the words yet.

Tommy Mottola will get Mariah shade for life. This bitch ain't never gonna let that marriage go and at least come to terms with the fact that he is the reason she managed to get her career off the ground to begin with.


  1. That video was edited to high heaven just like ayumi's tours.



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