Miss A tease with "Hush". Wonder girls ring the alarm.

Miss A want wigs and they will be making a pass for a few of them on November 8 when their release their second full length album Hush. If they deliver this with the same level of hotness they show in their teaser for the video for the album title track, then they just might end up with a few.

This teaser is really all about Fei and Jia. I wasn't paying those other two girls no mind.

I hope Jia's been up in the gym maintaining that fitness, because I want to see her do splits all up in that post apocalyptic 7-Eleven and pop that pussy up and down those raided aisles.

Whilst the Hush teasers have been hot thus far, let us not forget Touch. Sexy teaser promo shots, sexy video teasers and then a boring as fuck music video and song followed by a really patchy EP. I will be appoaching with caution.

The Wonder girls had better ring the alarm and hope Hush flops, because those girls futures have been falling into darkness ever since Sunye high tailed it to start a family and Sunmi bent over and arched that back in her "24 hours" video.

Mini album review: Touch


  1. Okay, getting real BEG's "Abracadabra" meets "The Last of Us" from this, so hopefully it ends up as epic as that would sound!

  2. That commercial where Namie looks ice cold by the dying fire gave me so much life. Like it tacked on ten years. She looked amazing in that white coat. Namie no longer knows what or who an Ayu is.

  3. So not even one comment on how awful the song is?


  4. Probably because it's not.

  5. "Namie no longer knows what or who an Ayu is."


  6. MAH KWEEN!!!!

  7. Gurl, you better work that weird ass J-Pop aesthetic and get PAID!!!

  8. Po' Wonder Girls, don't nobody care about them no more. Let us hope that JYP has mercy upon Yubin and let's her do a solo album; there is no such thing as too much Yubin.

  9. Yeah Namie's keeping Avex around... Together with Exile and their 4 sub-units and idol marketing they are using now. Also May J is getting dem sales lately and E-Girls are in there too...


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