Music video: Azealia Banks featuring Pharrell - ATM jam

"ATM jam" isn't Azealia's best single and fans are split down the middle claiming it's too mainstream, it doesn't genre bend like her other songs - but I like it for what it is. A twerk, booty clap anthem.

This video however, I can't defend at all. It's a mess. How can you be singing a song about having so much money that you're jamming cash machines, yet your video is looking like it was shot on a welfare cheque and the monetary value of a food stamp? Azealia's entire budget must have gone into having Pharrell produce the song, because that n***a ain't cheap.

Let's all watch the video of Azealia dropping the mic and storming off stage during her "ATM jam" performance after somebody threw a can at her, because it's much more entertaining than the actual music video.


  1. She's taking it off the album according to her.

    She fucking hates this song and I can see why, it's boring as shit.

  2. Wow, ?J, I didn't think you knew (cared) about this song, let alone the video. That video is BEYOND (TWO SOULS) a mess, but I can't help liking the single. My real issue is that the song doesn't sound like an Azealia Banks song, it sounds like her featured on Pharrell's song... Hopefully, we'll get more "Yung Rapunxel" and "1991" songs on the album!


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