Music video: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - Mottai night land

Pusha P fell off with her videos after "Furesedeshon". "Ninjya re bang bang" was boring and the video for "Invader Invader" was a basic, under-budgeted cop out for a song so zany and cutting edge, from a girl who was getting paid left, right and centre by Adidas, G.U and SEGA. So it's great to see Pussy Pam back on that "PONPONPON", "Fashion monster" style swag for "Mottai night land". Pussy Pamyu plays a piano, rolls dice, steers a flying ship, dresses up as a dog, takes a shit, has girls drop it low either side of her and dances in a bubble with the moon. Pussy Pam just made all of Lady Gaga's excessively try-hard videos look generic as fuck.

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