Music video: Miss A - Hush

I had a check-list of things I wanted to see from Miss A in their "Hush" video.

  • Jia opening her legs
  • At least one member of Miss A popping their pussy in the post apocalyptic 7-Eleven aisles
  • The showers turning on in the wash room scene, with the girls on their knees whipping their hair as their extensions get soaked.

I got none of the above, but there were compromises. There was no pussy popping in the post apocalyptic 7-Eleven aisles, but the girls did go down on that floor and sell me some sex. The girls didn't get soake din the was room scene and whip their wet weaves around, but they did go down on their knees in PVC leggings in a house flooded in 2cm's of water. So I'm satisfied.

The song took me a while to truly warm to as I kept waiting for a wall of sound and a set of killer beats to kick in. At the 1 minute mark I was thinking to myself 'Oh shit. It's "Touch" all over again'. The infamous Miss A song which went absolutely no where and sounded like a soundtrack reject from a Korean TV drama in the 80s. But "Hush" progresses nicely and I like how strummy and understated the song is as a whole. It doesn't slap you in the face with musical flourishes and twangs, but features just enough to make it catchy and danceable. The more I listen to this song, the more I like it.

Bye Wonder girls.


  1. When I first heard this song, I was cussing out JYP like a mofo!! Nigga, you need to keep this in the famry!! But now, I am rather addicted to this song; I rather like how it isn't just a wall of beats and synths with the vocals pushed to the back. The first minute of the guitar and them singing was rather nice, because it shows off how nice dem vocals have progressed. And with that, I must ask this question; why does it seem like 90% of these idols can't sing to save their lives when they first debut, even though they're trained like cray cray (most for at least 1 or more).

  2. Should have made like the title. Boring.


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