Music video: Sheena Ringo - Netsuai hakkaku chyuu

I said all I had to on this before when the preview dropped. Now I've seen this video in full and heard the whole song, all I can say is yes. YES BITCH. Giving me Kung-fu revenge ho realness in 7-inch heels and thigh high socks with titty overspill. And that walk away from the desk at the end. Like a boss.

Ayu can stay wishing. She's been trying to look this sexy and sound this cutting edge for years and she will stay trying.


  1. When can I cop a download of this? Because I NEEDS me more of this cray cray music box/dubstep/dance-pop/J-Pop/club bangah/whatever else this song is in my life!!!

  2. She sounds like MEG. And this sounds like a Japanese song.

  3. Shiina needs to stay her arse away!

    She is too good for this. And if this is all Nakata has for her, she needs to stay away from that fool as well.

    Got her sounding (and looking) like some basic product ho.

  4. I disagree. The song does it's job at what it was aiming for.

    She wasn't trying to do this whole grandiose epic song.

  5. I like it. There really is nothing left for Sheena to do at this point. I mean it does kind of seem like she's selling out, even with her other new song, which is the obligatory winter ballad.

  6. I simply love this to death! omg *____*


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