Namie looks dead for UNTITLED. Gives Ginza its life.

I'm not sure what your fave is doing right now, so I'm just going to talk through what Namie Amsopaidrightnowtho is up to.

Namie is on tour, racking up yen. She's all up in Gucci's store windows, racking up yen. She's in pharmacies and cosmetic store displays for Esprique, racking up yen. She released a digital single featuring songs which featured in a commercial for Esprique and also for her collaboration with Gucci and Vogue, racking up yen. And she's also the face of a new clothing chain called Untitled - starring in commercials in which she ignores the camera for 15 seconds in silence and looks fucking amazing, racking up yen.

Meanwhile Kumi Koda is singing horrendous songs for some volleyball tournament which nobody cares about and Ayu is releasing a single which sounds like some shit from Para Para paradise. PERSPECTIVE. Recognize who is keeping Avex in business.

Fuck Nicki Minaj's money being so high that her Barbie's gotta climb it. Namie would have to hire a bitch some ropes, spikes and a bungee cord to abseil down her castle of money.

Here's a fan shot video of Namie plastered all over an Untitled store in Ginza, giving dead faced eternal life to passers by.

This bitch knows she needs to come to London with some form of tour. She knows.

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