Nocchi covers up the legs in the "Sweet refrain" music video. Looks mo' sexy.

Perfume aren't giving bitches in Japan no chance. A new album, a dome gig which sold out in minutes and now a new music video for a song which features in a prime time TV drama starring Japan's girl of the moment Masami Nagasawa.

LEVEL3 will forever be known as the era when Kashiyuchrist blessed the universe with her forehead. And "Sweet refrain" will now be remembered as that time when Nocchi wore trousers. It's just as well, because ain't nobody remembering the song. I'm glad somebody in Perfume's hair and wardrobe department is doing new things with these girls, because I am beginning to get sick to the back teeth of the Power Rangers looking ass dresses with the driest heel money can buy. Kashiyuka and Nocchi are seeing their style game get stepped up, but A-chan continues to let the side down, as she always does, by turning up to sets looking like a Downton Abbey matron.

I'mma throw a penny in a fountain tonight for Perfume's style being challenged from here on out.

I love how Perfume stay making other girl groups' videos look basic and meaningless.


  1. I sure as hell hated the song about a week ago, but it's kind of growing on me. But then again, when have I *not* liked a Perfume song XD And I'm loving the classy look these girls are pulling for this single era; they must be thirsty as hell for that yen, because they are changing up *errthang*.

  2. yep they pretty much look the same to me but even more bland without color. they look like they were struggling with some of dem poses too.

  3. Of course Nocchi brought the sex. My eyes we're only focused on her when it came time for them to open up them legs.


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