Sunday shade: Ayumi Hamasaki's 'A Struggle'

Ayumi Hamasaki - A struggle | Random J pop

Ayumi was once the adamantium queen of J-Pop. Nothing could touch a bitch. Harm a bitch. She did not know how lessers felt, nor did she know what it meant to hustle for hits. But times have changed and now Ayu is beginning to get real acquainted with that lesser lifestyle, having been beaten on the ORICON charts by her arch nemesis Kumi Koda and being outright slaughtered by Namie Amuro.

A struggle is exactly what Ayumi Hamasaki's entire life and career has been since Party queen.

As a result of Pussy Pamyu coming onto the scene featuring a better pout than Ayu's, bigger eyes than Ayu's, better wigs than Ayu's and a face which doesn't look like it's been shot at with a Botox gun - nobody has been knocking down her door for product deals. Her love life has been a mess; following a marriage to some miscellaneous Austrian who was only with her to get a photobook shot by Leslie Kee and some short lived 'relationship' with one of her back-up dancers, of whom she foolishly featured on one of her album covers and several of her music videos. Home girl has had as much luck staying with a man as she has had staying relevant in 2013.

Namie is sat in her fortress of solitude chillin'. She has not known nor cared about Ayumi Hamasaki since 2007. Kumi Koda's entire career has been heavily templated on Ayu's, so she is currently experiencing  that flop life in parallel to Ayu. Bitch is humble. Then you have Sheena Ringo who is not concerned about any other bitch. At all. What-so-ever.

Ayu recently reached out to Hikaru Utada, but Hikki-homegirl made sure to have all calls diverted to the voicemail service which she don't ever use. Hikaru don't have time for bitches who don't know their own sound and how to keep it consistent.


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