Crystal Kay is "Busy doing nothing" in NYC

3 months ago Crystal Kay had resorted to setting up a Japanese kickstarter for her US debut, with a stretch goal which seemed un-reachable. But by some grace of Yevon, Crystal has almost reached her goal. Now, I don't know if Crystal got herself a runaway prisoner cum benefactor like Pip from Great expectations or if there is a HTML glitch on the site, but home girl is on track. Which means we should be getting something soon and somebody is going to get Crystal Kay singing at their wedding. Wedding singing may be something Crystal may have to take up part time to continue funding her foray into the US, because Universal are refusing to give this girl a time of day let alone a budget.

Crystal Kay is "Busy doing nothing" in NYC | Random J Pop [photo used courtesy of] Crystal Kay is "Busy doing nothing" in NYC | Random J Pop [photo used courtesy of]

In more CK news, Crystal has shot a video in NYC for a new song titled "Busy doing nothing", which is exactly what Crystal has been busy doing since Vivid released last year. Meanwhile BFF Beni has released 3 albums and done 2 national tours. Just saying.

Crystal Kay's "Busy doing nothing" shoot was styled by Patricia Field who you may know as the stylist behind Namie's 60s 70s 80s videos, as well as her Vidal Sassoon commercials. She also did the wardrobe for some TV show called Hoes in the city which featured Epona Sarah Jessica ParkerFashion photographers Gomillion & Leupold were also involved in this shoot.

I am really looking forward to hearing this new song. I hope it's more in line with CK's Vivid swag than "Dum ditty dum", because I was over that song the day after it debuted online. As a long term CK fan I'd be pissed to know she'd be debuting in the US with such a basic song. It would be like the Utada and "Easy breezy" mess all over again.

Crystal Kay was also sighted at the Roc nation pre Grammy brunch over the weekend. I don't know how she managed to get an invite to this event. She instagrammed a picture of herself in the bathroom, so it's a possibility Crystal Kay was hired as a restroom attendant to hand out towels and lollipops. I hope Crystal made like Solid Snake up in that brunch soirée and slipped a copy of All yours and Vivid into Jay-Z coat pocket. She needs to be about signing to Roc nation. Jay-Z needs a new gold skinned beauty on that label who can sing, because he ain't doing shit with Alexis Jordan and Rihanna is looking way too ragged for me and her musical output is getting progressively worse.

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