Happy new year! Here's to 2014.

Happy new year! From ?J and Mariah | Random J Pop

Miming Mimi and I would like to wish all of you a happy new year! Whatever 2013 brought for you; good or bad, channel it into ensuring that 2014 is bigger and better. 


  1. The reviewer is missing the point. Perfume is meant to be also visualed... thus the cute girls with machinelike movements on their PV. One edition of GAME comes with a DVD which would explain a lot of what I'm saying.
    In interviews, Nakata claims that the voices are nothing but "another" instrument in the album, and he manipulates them as he wishes. Taken as a whole visual audio extravaganza, the album should be rated quite a bit higher than 6.5... as high as 8 or 8.5. Try sampling iTunes, and you may agree (or dissagree)... or search U-Tube for some visuals.....

  2. That looks like a SNL skit. But betch is just crazy. Why she kissing hand telephones and waving with her pinky like that's enough Finger for her body to wave?


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