Kumi Koda to set sail with her 11th studio album 'Bon voyage'

Kumi Koda to set sail with her 11th studio album 'Bon voyage' | Random J Pop

Kehovah's witnesses can rejoice, as Kumi Kehovah will be releasing a brand new studio album of original material on February 26. The album will be titled Bon voyage, which I absolutely love because it sums up what both her and Ayu's careers said to them two years ago before they left both women struggling in a Yokohama docking bay, fighting for the number 2 spot on the ORICON charts whilst Namie watches from above in her gold blimp blasting out a dubstep remix of "In the spotlight".

Ever since Ayu began to fall off and find her ass rolling down a desert canyon after being pushed by Namie Amuro's chief bodyguard who walks around dressed like Go-Go Yubari - Kumi's career has pretty much done the same. Nobody has been checking for any of her singles as of late - even with Ayu refusing to release any. As with Ayu's releases back in the day, Kumi used to shoot videos for every song on the album, but Avex ain't having none of that shit any more. So the only music videos ya'll will be getting will be the ones we've already seen for singles, with two extras. And "IS DIS TLAP?" is not included on this album neither. A shame, because it was one of my favourites off of Summer trip.

Kumi finally began to reach a place with her albums from Universe onwards where her sound was becoming much more consistent. But her singles for this era have all been pretty awful. Bon voyage will feature 9 brand new tracks, which marks one of the few occasions where Kumi is releasing an original studio album where the majority of it has not already done the rounds as a single. So there is a real chance for her to develop a solid body of work which isn't wholly defined by the singles. Namie managed to turn my opinion of her Uncontrolled and Feel albums around completely with her album cuts, so I hope Kumi can do the same. She has too much talent to be trotting out such shitty music. Unlike Ayu this woman can actually sing, something which has been shown to better effect on her cover albums than her original albums - so I hope that is something which was taken on board during the recording of this album.

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