Madonna uses the N-word. The fandom try to justify it. #DisBitch.

Madonna uses the N-word. The fandom try to justify it. #DisBitch | Random J Pop

Madonna Instagrammed a picture of her son with the hashtag #disnigga. Naturally people came for her and Madonna had to repost another Instagram apologizing profusely for her use of the word, trying to justify it.

Since then both of these Instagrams have been deleted from her account, but the fact she did it still remains, as does the bitter taste in my mouth that she was ignorant and stupid enough to do such a thing. #DisBitch.

Madgina using the word was not cool. I am sick to death of non-black folk claiming it is okay for them to use the word as a 'form of endearment', as though they are that oblivious to the connotations of them using it. N***a is not a word for everybody to claim. It is a part of black culture and people need to respect that. I have Indian friends who use the term 'P*ki' casually. But I would never and have never used the word, because I know it is a word which is used by individuals within that culture and it's not mine to use as I please. There are lines and unwritten rules when it comes to things like this which everybody is aware of. I have no time for people who play the whole 'But so and so said it' card neither. It's just an excuse for exhibiting ignorance.

What disgusts me about this whole thing is that not only did Madonna use the term knowing full well the implications of it and that it was wrong, but that her fans are justifying it and posting comments online saying that Madonna did not need to apologise. Excuse me!? Yes she fucking did have to apologise. Just because that crusty sack of bones recorded an album with Timbaland and Pharrell, stopped by 106 and Park, was coined as M-Dolla for faux street credibility and snatched two children from Africa does not give her a pass to use the word n***a. EVER. Maybe Madonna's fans are conditioned to her pulling such tactics as a result of her trivialisation of social taboos such as sexuality and religion over the course of her career. But she crossed the wrong line with this and the fact that her fans can't see that this is wrong is worrying and pretty much sums up the perils of fandom and the larger picture that there are folk who don't see that anything wrong was committed here.

As a grown woman who has seen enough from her position in the industry and as a well life seasoned woman she should have known better. As not only a mother, but a mother of two black adopted children - this is not the message she should be putting out. How would she feel if her white son called her black daughter a n***a? How would she justify that? How could she ever reprimand her child like that seriously knowing that it was probably because of her that her child went and did it.

#DisBitch needs to sit her raggedy arse on the naughty step and stay there.

The video below is an insightful rountable on situations such as this one and serves up some well formed perspectives. Take note of when JasFly starts speaking especially, because that woman speaks the TRUTH.


  1. starlightshimmers20 January 2014 at 23:40

    Disappointed TBH. Rabiosa, even She Wolf is a lot better than this.

    The Rihanna collab is totally unnecessary.

    I'm waiting for Truth Or Dare (On The Dance Floor), which reminds me of a Euro-dance version of Ojos Así.


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