Music video: Candice Glover - Cried

Season 12's winner of American idol is Candice Glover, who wowed the judges and the nation with her rendition of Mariah and Whitney's "When you believe" and pretty much threw the gauntlet down at that moment. She fucked up The Cure's "Love song" with some stripped down, over-sung mess of a performance. But I'll let that slide because she sang a Mariah and Whitney joint and did it so good that the ghost of Nippy rose to give Candice a standing ovation, Nicki Minaj found it in her pink wig to gave a Mariah a compliment and Mariah reached into her purse for glitter and threw it on stage at a bitch the following week.

Lead singles from idol winners are often weak, forgettable and not always in tune with the idol winners style. So it was nice to hear Candice come out with a song which is true to her and carries so much emotional weight - all thanks to the song-writing talents of Jazmine Sullivan, who is probably still paying off the fees from the windows she busted out of her man's car 5 years ago. The video is cliché, but it does its job and matches the song. This was only the ever type of video a song like this was going to have. It was either this, Candice singing alone in a church or stood on a New York building fire escape singing in the rain.

It wouldn't surprise me if Candice got dropped by Simon Cowell and then went the Gospel route for her second album and found success there. "Cried" gives me a Karen Clark Sheard vibe and I get the feeling that Candice would feel much more comfortable doing Gospel than hood R&B and Pop. Ain't no way Candice is ever going to hit a studio with Dr. Luke or Red one, and she will never go down the R&B route of singing about how a deadbeat is maxing out her credit card or singing over a Los da Mystro beat on how her man can eat the pussy right. Candice could never go the Fanatsia route with her career. But she could definitely use Jennifer Hudson's career path as a template as there are direct parallels between the two of them.


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