Music video: Deep - Snow shizuri

I asked for a typical J-Winter ballad and J-boy band Deep delivered to the template and didn't skip a beat. A piano opening, strings, a sombre mood, some wails and lots of snow and fur coats in the video. "Snow shizuri" is as typical as a J-Winter ballad can get. I am a sucker for these types of songs, even though they all sound exactly the same.

Deep were originally formed and produced by EXILE member Atsushi, who was also a part of the group with two other members - at this point the group was named Color. But Atsushi and two other guys left, new members came in and the group name changed. We know how Japan rolls with groups. They switch people in-n-out and keep it moving.


  1. Samantha McClush26 January 2014 at 19:07

    Aren't the most popular solo artists in Japan R&B, though?
    Like Koda Kumi, Namie Amuro, and Utada Hikaru.
    All incredibly popular and considered the Britney Spears and Madonnas of Japan. So..?

  2. "She's got a new microphone"! LOL

    I pray this song is going to be released next month! I want this song NOW! So far, Crystal has not let me down with first singles, so I'm praying this song is the ulitmate "Namida no Saki ni" meets "Bye My Darling!" or even a "think of U" / "Koi ni Ochitara" / "Konna ni Chikaku de" type song! Whichever words for me! :)

  3. ahahaha random j your posts always gives me life. so accurate.
    as for crystal kay i'm getting bored of her... the talent is there, but i don't think she's interesting enough for the states.

  4. As always, gotta shade a bitch before you throw her a bone :P These shots were released in December, iirc, so it's been a month of being teased by these shots and wondering what that song sounds like. I want Crystal to show the US that she can and *will* one-up every ho in the game with dat voice and dem moves (but mostly dat voice, because dem moves still need some improvement).

  5. I pray to the pop GODS she gets signed for a US debut. The only thing is she's like 27 now........ if she's going to be big in the US she needs to hurry up time is ticking........

  6. I know we like to shade Crystal for playing pretend and dress up, attending the Grammy's when her ass should be sat at home watching it, just like the rest of us, but all shade aside I'm really rooting for her. I know we can all relate to her struggle in some respect. She puts in SO much work, and she's so dedicated to her music, but as we all know hard work does not equate success or fortune, which is unfortunate. I was watching her 10th anniversary the other day, and it made me realize just how far she's come as an artist and performer. I think right now she's at her prime as a performer, so despite her age I think now is the best time for her to try to break into the states.

  7. Well, it comes out on Valentine's Day. I do hope for a song/video teaser, or something.

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