Pusha P features in yet another commercial with a new song "Yume no hajima-ring ring"

Pusha P has so many endorsements going at the moment that she must have somebody employed to maintain her rolodex of cheques.

Pusha P's latest TV commercial if for Chintai, which features her new song "Yume no Hajima-Ring Ring" which I think translates as something along the lines a dream, her first time, her celly going off. Some shit like that. I think.

This has nothing on the cellphone endorsed banger that was 2013's "Ninjya re bang bang". But Pusha P is not caring, because the yen stays rolling into that account through the cash trap door which never closes except for the weekend of the Emperor's birthday.

Saint Nakata was probably poached to deliver this type of song for this commercial, but I still don't like it because it sounds like a literal commercial jingle. There is always a chance this song could switch into that Pussy Pam cray-cray I like - which sounds like Streets of rage having sex with a GameBoy though. One can wish.

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  1. Yeah, this isn't long enough of a preview to determine if I'll like the song or not. But I am SO done with Nakata making all these happy jingle songs. He needs to start making some DARK, EDGY music, NOW.

  2. Yeppers, that sounds about right XD I mean, the chick's main concept is that she's an idol by day who has zero fucks to give, but by night, she's a punk/rock chick who will melt your face off with her awesomeness. I wouldn't be surprised if she stepped her producer (who, btw, has produced practically all her February6 material as well as her Heavenly6 material) and was like, "Why don't we do a modern sounding pop album this time around? I wanna see how my fans react to it :3"

    "As for the 80s stuff, I'm not really a fan of that sound in particular. I do like Tommy's 80s stuff, but I'm much more of a sucker for Dance/Pop/EDM stuff, especially when done RIGHT, like she did."

    I love the really cheesy and synthtastic sound that '80s pop carries (especially songs like Take Me On and Sweet Dreams), but I'm with you on Tommy's '80s-pop material; she's practically made this sound and style it her bitch. I am also a sucker for EDM too; I know 90% of the stuff is made for clubs, but you can see me regularly bopping a shoulder and throwing some elbows on a nigga to it when I'm all alone in my room.


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