A few of Perfume's 4th tour in dome LEVEL3 performances, including "Party maker". Prepare to get yo' life.

Perfume - LEVEL3 4th tour in dome | Random J Pop

These videos will probably get snatched down within 24 hours, but here goes. Below are a few of Perfume's performances from their LEVEL3 4th tour in dome gig. I don't have all of the performances. But all you really need to know is that "Party maker" is amongst the ones featured. Everything you heard about the performance is true. It's amazing. It shits on everything. Every single wig around the world, thrown into a dustbin and on the side walk for collection. Your fave honest to Yevon, could never ever.

Enter the sphere / Spring of life (Album mix)


Furikaeru to iru yo

Party maker

Spending all my time (The album mix, but better)


The "Spring of life" and "1mm" performances were a little disappointing. Okay, downright disappointing. We've seen the girls perform these songs live so many times before. With this in mind I thought Perfume's creative team would have upped the ante with the on stage theatrics to a level which they couldn't have before. But their "Spring of life" performance was basic in comparison to the instances where we've seen Perfume wear the same dresses they wore in the music video (WID DA LIGHTS) and dance with holgrams during their Kirin Hyouketsu Summer night gig. As nice as it was to finally see the "1mm" routine in its entirety, the performance did nothing for me and this is coming from somebody who would rank "1mm" as one of their favourite songs of 2013. There was none of the inclusion of light and colour from the music video. Homies couldn't even get some perspex panels up on that stage for the girls to walk and dance in-between like in the video. I was genuinely disappointed in these performances because they didn't make better use of the set in even the simplest of ways. The lighting in both performances is what stood out for me as the most obvious things which didn't make them pop.

"Furikaeru to iru yo" was a nice performance, but again I feel like more could have been done with it. It didn't need anything elaborate. Just something which went beyond the girls just standing in 3 areas of the stage swaying from side to side. Having them perform this in a set-up similar to their "575" performance on their 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 tour could have been a nice concept.

When I first heard "Party maker" and got over the initial 'Oh sweet Jebus, this track is giving me everything I was not expecting', I then wondered how this would look live. Yet again, Perfume's creative team shitted on everybody. Not just everybody in Japan, but ERRBODY around the world. I don't know how you all feel, but my expectations for this performance were exceeded to such an extent that I blacked out as soon as the Capsule beat dropped. The use of the lifts teamed with the on-screen visuals was amazing. I loved how they went for verticality with this performance, which was the one twist I was not expecting. I also love how A-Chan and Nocchi's danced for their lives during their solo segments, whilst also Kashiyuka just stood still for hers. Madonna and Beyoncé can take their tours, sit all the way down and recline right the way back. Nothing they did for their shit over the past year can touch this.

The "Spending all my time" performance was as good as ever. I like that they cut it down, because by this point we've pretty much all seen the full Cannes Lion's performance of the song. Plus that particular performance lends itself better when it's either a standalone performance or it's the very first in a set because of the lengthy intro. I also imagine that logistically it would have been much more difficult to pull off the tricks with the dresses due to 360° setting of the particular section of the stage which they were performing this on. Little details in this performance such as mappings being projected onto Perfume's backs is what sets Perfume's creative team apart and shows how aware they are of every...fucking...thing and every damn detail.

To sum up the concert encore "Dream land" in 2 words? Fucking magical. Perfume stood for 5 minutes wearing a net curtain on their backs and did more than your fave did throughout the whole of 2013. Their outfits weren't the most stylish to look at, but the concept behind them and the way in which they were lit and moved as they walked and wafted in the draft of the fans was stunning. The final walk back to the dome as it seemingly closed on the world was some heavenly shit.

Team Prfm may come for me, seeing as they are all so in love with 4th tour in dome LEVEL3, but I prefer Perfume's 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11. The lighting on that tour was on point for every song, the outfits were better, the setlist was hot and even for the most basic performances there was still a technical finesse there. Where-as 4th tour in dome had moments where certain performances looked too basic because the lighting wasn't well done and better use wasn't made of the screens - which was a let-down, because it's not like Perfume creative team aren't capable and given the scope of some of the performances I was shocked that these moments even occurred. The setlist on this tour was also weak. There should have been at least 3 songs from from Game, "Night flight" or "Dream fighter" from Triangle and any song from JPN other than "My color". The setlist being top heavy with LEVEL3 songs is fine, but the song order wasn't that great and "Hurly burly" and "Handy man" should have been included for sure. What made this tour for me was "Enter the sphere", "Party maker" and "Dream land" because these 3 performances showcased what makes Perfume's live shows so amazing and sets them apart completely. "Party maker" alone was fucking spectacular. Awards need to be handed out for technical excellence over that shit, because that right there not your average stage performance.

I was hoping to see that "Clockwork" performance, but it wasn't televised. Shady muthafuckas. They know Prfm fandom wanted to be about that performance, so they're making sure they buy that 4th tour in dome DVD to see it.

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  1. Well, when did Beyoncè become the beacon of originality? lol
    Anyway, I like the song. It's still okay for me, but after the shitty A-sides we've gotten, this is refreshing.

  2. You'd think she could afford to pay some high schooler ¥2000 part time to proofread her shit for her. Maybe an english major at some uni even. She doesn't even need a foreigner for this. That money would be so worth it.

  3. "FAKY will be releasing their debut mini album on April 9th, which will be available to download worldwide. I have no expectations."

    Same. These chicks have talent, but Avex and Rhythm Zone made them one giant gimmick. I wonder if they have any kind of fanbase in Japan (aka the only place where dem sales actually matter) or if they're a bigger budget sucking black hole than Ayu-chan.

  4. So when I saw the title of the song (and that she swagger jacked eBey circa 2008), I was ready to close the tab and forget that this ever existed (and hate myself as I jammed out to Dreaming Now! because that song is more generic that Yulia's second album). The song isn't bad (I like it more than Can't Sleep, Can't Eat, I'm Sick) and the video is the best I've seen from Kumi this era, so... Bring on dat album, babeh!!

  5. BrilliantBlueify2 February 2014 at 04:53

    Damn...Actual girl groups with decent talent stay losin in Japan. When was the last time Avex really gave a shit about they girl groups? Max? Speed? and since faky is a girl group on Rhythm Zone

  6. This is the "Movie" ver... On an interview, the girls said that they were going to try and improve dem acting skills for that ballad pv.

    Oh btw, Avex might give these chicks an actual chance because they're young as hell and they just made up a new group of "chubby" girls named "Chubiness".

    Idk, why people be calling them "gimmick", do you guys know what a gimmick is? The whole "school girl" look is a gimmick.

  7. Rockin body as always. English -- not so much. Just stop!

  8. "FAKY will be releasing their debut mini album on April 9th, which will be available to download worldwide. I have no expectations." DEAD!!!!!





  10. I think I agree with you that their previous dome tour was all-around much better. Instead of just waving their hands around for a few of the performances, they could've added their live voices like with '575'. I'm guessing their team wanted everything to be "perfect" in terms of sound. It's not like the girls haven't done it before, they rocked up to Music Station once performing the full dance of "Baby Cruising Love" with completely live vocals and it was pretty cool.

    They probably used that "Handy Man" Interlude we've seen before, and it would've been so cool to see a full "Hurly Burly" routine, I think they've only done a short version for t.v. I was holding out for some sort of crunk/hip-hop dance for "Furikaeru" so that sucked. I'm assuming both "Clockwork" and "Sleeping Beauty" are f***king spectacular since they've left that out for the DVD.

  11. This sounds leagues better than the previous A-sides she released this era. I'll admit it took a few listens for the song to grow on me but overall the song is alright.

    Kumi recently stated she wants to evolve her sound with this album and going forward. We'll see if she delivers or not.

  12. starlightshimmers3 February 2014 at 19:12

    Perfume's new tour is amazing. It shits on every other tour in the past year. I haven't seen such effective use of lasers and robotics since Kylie Minogue's Fever Tour in 2000 (which Beyoncé and Katy Perry tried to copy but failed).

  13. I enjoyed that lol. At least it wasn't BLATANT Beyonce copying; in B's video she only had the leotard and the two dancers but Koda split things up with other outfits and close ups which is good. I liked it!

  14. The fuck is this. It's weird how completely opposite Japan is from Korea. Korea is all ABOUT the "Hallyu" bullshit meanwhile Japan gives not a single fuck and will snatch a video before it's even done uploading. I'll just take your word for it and hope to buy the DVD in the future.

  15. Japan don't need our money, they have an army of freaks and geeks who will buy anything at any price

  16. I LOVE this release, both song and video are the best thing she released in a long time. I'm really excited for the album.


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