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Kumi Koda - Bon voyage | Random J Pop

Kumi Koda - Bon voyage | Random J Pop Kumi Koda - Bon voyage | Random J Pop Kumi Koda - Bon voyage | Random J Pop
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Lord help me. Kumi is doing that bottom drop lip shit I loathe *throws a Molotov cocktail at it* The best versions of the album covers are the ones where Kumi's mouth is closed.

Skankumi is making a return for Bon voyage. Fittingly she's only slutting it up for the cheapest version of the album: the CD only release. For the other editions its a camped up classy affair. Fun is often poked at how much of a ho she looks on her album covers, when in fact, Kumi is well covered up and has her legs closed on 90% of them.

The more info that leaks on Kumi Koda's 11th studio album, the more I think that this album is Kumi just fucking with Ayumi Hamasaki. Well...of course it is. Kumi has been f**king with Ayumi Hamasaki since day one.

  1. The album title is full on shade. Kumi is titling her album with the same phrase Ayu's career said to her before it set sail in 2011. 
  2. Bon voyage features a song called "LOL". There is every probability that the lol'ing is at the expense of Ayu. I pray that this song is an EDM banger with Engrish running rampant on the hooks. 
  3. "Dreaming now" is about Ayu wishing she had stayed together with Tomoya Nagase so she could have been married with child. 
  4. The album cover of Kumi with the ship wheel is showing Ayu that she's in career of her own shit, meanwhile Ayu's career is flailing for it's life after it hit an an iceberg.
    Kumi's career has been falling off at the same rate as Ayu's. But Kumi's career trajectory is based on Ayu's.

    Another artist who Kumi seems to be trying to follow in the footsteps of is Queen Namiserable I. If her recent string of singles and the new song previews are anything to go by, Kumi is really trying to do the Engrish thing. I can't wait to hear the song she recorded with Sean Paul. I'm hoping its 3 minutes of the most outdated dance-hall riddim ever, with Kumi attempting Patwa. It would be such a volcanic mess that not even the Dunns river would attempt to touch it in a bid to stop it. But it would be so amazing.

    1. Introduction ~Bon voyage~
    2. Show me your holla
    3. Loaded featuring Sean Paul
    4. Winner girls
    5. Imagine
    6. Koishikute | 恋しくて
    8. Let's show tonight
    9. Interlude ~Bon voyage~
    10. Touch down
    11. Crank tha bass featuring OVDS
    12. LOL
    13. Go to the top
    14. Dreaming now!
    15. On your side
    16. U know

    Special editions of the album also come with a white flag which fans can wave at concerts. Ayu's concerts...obviously.


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