Girls' generation tease their comeback - "Mr. Mr."

One of K-Pop's most malnourished girl groups will be making their long awaited comeback. I will not say a damn thing about any of what I saw and heard in this teaser, because we all know how misleading K-Pop teasers can be.

I think it was a very safe idea for SM to have the girls shoot the video in a hospital, given how overworked and under-fed these girls are. Then there is still the issue of Sooyoung, whose frame looks like a micro USB cable. I see she hasn't eaten a damn thing since "I got a boy".


  1. From 00:22 on it sounds a bit like Boa's "Eat You Up".

  2. My favorite cover is the Fan Club one; the other ones are kind of basic (well they're all basic, but that one is the least basic)

  3. *prays to the Jebus that SM is not back to their old tricks with this song and video*

  4. I hope this album will be good, cause I dropped her stuff a long time ago. I need a good reason to listen to it again.


    LOL MV preview

    I love it... Dark and sexy and her voice is crazy. Shes totally mocking Ayu afterall haha!

    Lots of Engrish

  6. D@mn haters. Go $h!t in a toilet. Not on MAJESTY. Betchez.


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