J-boy band FREAK attempt to bring back 90's R&B with "Movin' on"

Avex J-boy band FREAK | Random J Pop

With EXILE getting older and Avex feeling the strain of having to pay out for the 72 members of that group who do nothing, they've signed a new boy band by the name of FREAK who are set to release their debut single "Movin' on" which sounds unlike anything any boy band in Japan (or around the world that I know of) is doing right now.

Their debut video looks like it cost no more than the SuiCa charge it must have cost the boys to travel to the dock, of which they probably didn't have permission to shoot anything. The Instagram / Vine struggle look is very real. But the final product keeps in line with the throwback vibe of the song, which is of a 90's R&B, Tevin Campbell, Soul for real type tip. The song was written by the boys themselves and produced by Masaya Wada who has helmed tracks by the likes of ex-girl group Bright and vocal duo Chemistry.

I really hope the second half of the video features them doing the running man in baggy FUBU jeans and 6 inch Tims, inter-cut with shots of the guys individually doing their best thug impression in front of a Hummer truck with the licence plate FR37K. I have no idea where they would cough up a budget for the Hummer truck, or the Timberland boots for that matter.

If Hikaru Utada ever decides to record anything ever again, I might need her to throw her shit back to First love for a hot minute when she was on this 90's R&B ish.


  1. Hunty NO. This shit is terrible.

  2. The 4th guy and the 2nd guy in the picture have the best voices, but these dudes need an image overhaul. I'm all for throwing it back to the 90s with the music, but not with the styling. Those 90s hairstyles have me conflicted on whether or not I find the two dudes in the middle attractive. They are the only two with swag in this group. The other two are awkward. Also, Those riffs at the beginning, just no.

  3. Wow, I feel 4 years old again listening to "I Swear" for the first time on the radio… What a throwback! It's funny, they're just like a 90s boy band! Two really attractive ones, the one who looks too old and the one that looks too goofy to be in a boy band! LOL… This song won't bribe me to get their next album, but I'm not against checking out a few of their other songs!

  4. A friend told me about X102.3 a few days ago. Now it’s programmed as number 1 on my car stereo. The music keeps me jamming, especially during their morning show. It’s always a great way to start my day. Tune in www.thex1023.com, you may even win some tickets like I did.

  5. OH MY WORD! It's as cheesy as the videos back in the 90's too!!! HAHAHAHA


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