Kumi demands that you show her your holla, whilst copying Beyoncé

Despite featuring increasing amounts of English in her songs, Kumi refuses to cash in those Groupon vouchers for English lessons. "Show me your holla" was Engrish at its finest before anybody even laid an ear on the song. But having heard it, the song title is just the tip of the iceberg. Shake your 'booly' to this preview of the "Show me your holla" music video which kinda copies Recycleyoncé's "Single ladies (Put a ring on it)". We all know Crtl + Cyoncé is forever copying others for her own shit. But the comparisons between Kumi's video and Serfyoncé's iconic "Mexican breakfast" 'homage paying' video are obvious.

Horns on a track are so 2006. Namie is sat watching this shit like "Bitch, I done did horns on a track 8 years ago *Namie's son pop's into shot and plays the recochoku ringtone version of "Can't sleep, can't eat, I'm sick"*

Beyoncé is too busy recording another album, filming hundreds of music videos in secret and having Solange photocopy NDA's to even give this shit a time of day. But copying everybody in some capacity and then squatting over it with overt sexuality and skankiness is what Kumi does. It's why we love her.

Kumi looks hot in this video. This is pretty much what Ayu tried to go for with Party queen, but ain't nobody got time to watch that woman dance arsed out in Louboutins. Not for a damn second.

I'm not sure what a 'holla' is, but could lobby a guess that its probably Kumi's very own urban dictionary term for 'dick' or 'pussy'. Obviously. *Puts a wine bottle on the floor*


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