Music video: Karmin - I want it all

I didn't like Karmin's "Brokenhearted" or "Acapella", but third time is the charm on me, because I'm feeling their third single "I want it all". It's pretty generic and is very much an anybody song - more now than ever given that disco is continuing to make its resurgence on the charts and the dance floors - but I like it. Kudos to them for not ruining this shit with a rap and keeping it simple. "I want it all" is one of those songs where I would turn it up if it came on the radio and I would electric slide on every person on the floor if it came on in a club, but I'd never sit at home or on the train and think 'I need to hear this song'. I still like it though. It sounding completely different to Karmin's previous singles will give them a chance to attract a cross sector of music listeners who like me were not into them.

One thing which did come to mind as I listened to this song though is that Christina Aguilera needs to slip on a tight dress, put on her big curly wig, get her face beat like a drag queen and do a disco track. Her big vocals would really suit a song like this. "I want it all" was co-written by Ester Dean who worked extensively with Christina on her 2010 chart breaking flop Bionic. Food for thought.

The video was meh, but it's a disco record. So of course it was going to involve a disco ball and a roller rink. I think Amy needs a special mention for this moment though.

Karmin - I want it all | Random J Pop

Roller heeling into the place in a fur coat like a boss bitch and then leaving that shit on the floor for scavenger bitches.

Karmin's debut studio album Pulses is set to release on March 25.


  1. This song is most definitely a grower; I didn't like it much when they dropped the lyric video, but I was all up in the kool aid when they dropped this thing. Idk if it's just me, but I really wish Amy would get rid of that tacky ass blonde hair; that shit does not look good on her one bit (as with J Law, girl you need to stick to the brown hair colored they gave you for the Hunger Games).

  2. in this vid she looks like a mix of: katy perry, kesha, jessie j and i love her hair for it


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