Music video: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - Yume no hajima ring ring

Kyary Pussy Pamyu is currently on her second world tour, but this isn't stopping her from dropping new music videos, singles and snatching some new wigs to wear. The latest visual to drop from Pussy Pam factory is for her "Yume no hajima-ring ring" and it's one of Pusha P's most intro / retrospective videos yet from the girl who gave us music videos featuring burly men in shower caps pussy popping and giant pink pieces of shit.

This video is one of the first from Pussy Pam which goes beyond just her dressing up like a bag of Skittles with a bow in her hair and doing a 2 step with jazz hands whilst masked dancers twerk around her. Despite all of the colours and Nakata Yasutaka's bright musical production the whole thing is rather melancholic - as we follow Pamyu walking through various phases in her career, all the while she sings about saying goodbye to the people in her past and walks off into the unknown as a polar bears stands and cries. Come to think of it, this could actually be a song about global warming.

Now that Pussy Pam has officially made the second declaration (the first being "Furisodeshon") can we please get this girl working a shoe with a heel? I'm f**king sick of her in platform and creepers.

I like Pussy Pam. I find her adorable. But I love Perfume too. So Prfm'ers, if you wanna talk some smack about how this video was kinda like, but not really like Perfume's "Voice", I'm here.


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