Random J's 'translation' vol. 4: The explicit version of Perfume's "Fake it"

Perfume - Fake it | Random J Pop

"Fake it" was always one of the Perfume's favourite songs, but it would be nothing but a B-side to their 2010 single "Nee" until 2 years later when the song would re-surface to be used as a promotional single for their compilation album Love the world. However, the true meaning of the song would remain some-what of a closely guarded secret, until now.

"Fake it" was written by Yasutaka in late 2009 unbeknownst to the girls that Yasutaka could hear everything they were talking about in the next room - a guy Kashiyuka was seeing at the time and his terrible sex game. Upon presenting the song to the girls they asked that the lyrics be changed to be more ambiguous and Nakata obliged. But it turns out that perfume recorded the original version of the song and I have it for you below.

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  1. i wish you would make these on more regular basis...they are awesome :D

  2. *feels his wig being snatched through the internet*

  3. Oh~ I like dis :3

  4. "make him feel like shit (e) " part really fits well ,lol

  5. yeah they are really cool like it hehe viaje estambul


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