BoA debuts her new song "Masayume chasing" in a preview of Fairy tail

BoA releasing a new Japanese album feels like a pipe dream. Shocking given that at one moment in time she was releasing albums in Japan at a rate which made Ayumi Hamasaki's LP roll-out seem lax in comparison.

Whilst there is no news of a long player from the once proclaimed 'Korean Britney Spears' (Britney no longer being relevant enough to be compared to positively), a new song is on its way. "Masayume chasing" will feature as the theme to the new series of TV anime Fairy tail. Whilst there is no word on when the song will be released and if BoA will bother to shoot a music video for it, the existence of the song alone should tide fans over who haven't gotten their life from her Korean releases and want some J-new-new.

The song is Eurobeat, it sounds like something from Girls' generation and I'm feelin' it. BoA had better shoot a video for this and kill muthaf**kas with the dance routine. I want that "Only you" realness and I want BoA in tight fitting jeans and a heel. None of this drop crotch sweat pants and baggy shit. I don't care how easier it is for her to dance in.

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