Crystal Kay goes shopping, snatches Gotye's curls, releases "Busy doing nothing" and celebrates her 28th birthday

Crystal Kay goes shopping, snatches Gotye's curls and celebrates her 28th birthday | Random J Pop

Crystal Kay has been a busy girl as of late. "Busy doing nothing" is busy doing nothing on the charts, but Crystal is staying on that grind. Here are a couple of CK highlights of what she's been getting up to over the past couple of weeks.

Crystal Kay goes shopping
Crystal was all up in H&M's press show room, probably because H&M is all a chick can afford given her lack of album sales. PAH! I joke. CK has paper. A4 paper. Okay, okay. I'll stop. But still, I know she ain't playin' and that she probably hollered at somebody for a bag of freebies. I shalln't judge. I would have done the same. Ain't nobody too proud for some free Hennes.

Crystal Kay's management really needs to reach out to H&M and get her a modelling gig with them. Even in this picture of her looking low key with no make-up on and her hair not did, she still looks better than half of the models they use in their campaigns. In fact, why is Crystal not being shopped around modelling agencies to get modelling gigs period!? I'm not even on the whole 'It's because she looks too black' schtick (this time). Because Solange Knowles was all up in Samantha Thavasa's windows at one point and one of SoftBank's models is a black dude, so there's no excuse. Crystal's management need to either fix up or get fired. They are not handling this girls' business correctly. But we knew that already.

Crystal be all up in H&M | Random J Pop

Crystal Kay does karaoke
Crystal Kay became that Karaoke bitch you hate, because you know there is no point singing after her when she does this shit as a career and does it well. Crystal took on Gotye's "Somebody that you used to know" and well...she bodied the whole thing.

Yes, she did that. I'm here for that vocal tone. Always here. She needs to throw this on a single as a B-side, put it on iTunes, something. Wasn't this girl supposed to be giving us weekly covers on YouTube? Whatever happened to that!? Crystal, if you happen to come across this blog, then PLEASE cover this song in full. Likewise, Gotye if you're looking for a female vocalist on a collabo, DM Crystal. American and Japan have given up on her, but perhaps there's some untapped market potential in Australia for her to tap into.

"Busy doing nothing" is available on iTunes
Crystal Kay's "Busy doing nothing is now available on iTunes! The single cover is a mess, but Crystal's single covers always are. I'm surprised this song even got one. Never forget how "My heartbeat" got disrespected when it came to it's single cover art.

Buy Crystal Kay's "Busy doing nothing" on iTunes | Random J Pop

CK fans are not in love with this song. The general reception to it song has been lukewarm at best. I like the song, but I do agree with Crystal's fanbase that she should have come with something harder.

Support the damn girl: Buy "Busy doing nothing" on iTunes

Crystal Kay celebrates her birthday
Crystal celebrated her birthday on February 26th! She shot a video of the momentous occasion when her friends, family and staff at her record label surprised her with a birthday cake and a ukulele rendition of "Happy birthday". I don't want to hear any shade about how this shit sounds better than "Busy doing nothing".

Happy Birthday Crystal Kay! As a long time fan, I sincerely wish her all of the best and will keep my fingers crossed that this is the year for her where shit starts to truly happen and her career can truly begin. *Throws a penny and a copy of Vivid into a wishing well*.

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