Janelle Monáe serves Jennifer Lopez Latino realness on American idol with her performance of "What is love"

Everything on The electric lady front has been quiet for a minute, but Janelle Monáe has been keeping her pompadour sprayed and pinned to hell, turning in a bunch of performances all over the place. A few weeks ago she tipped on the tightrope for Michelle Obama at The White house and now she's giving audiences at American idol Brazilian soul realness with a debut performance of her song "What is love" - lifted from the Rio 2 soundtrack.

Check out Janelle's colourful performance below.

Jane's vocals were shaky and unstable at times, but at least she sang live and the energy she gave (as always) was electric. She served Jennifer Lopez live vocals, soulful moves and Latino realness that her arse hasn't been able to give in years. It was nice to see Jane make use of that Dreamworks advance for a full band, a troupe of dancers and all of the confetti. She slowly making it into the big league. Slowly.

I would have loved if a song like this had ended up on The electric lady. It's big, bold energetic songs such as this that I felt the album was lacking. "What is love" would have sat nicely next to a song such as "Ghetto woman" - which much like this song wreaks of Stevie Wonder.

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