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Kylie Minogue - Into the blue (Yasutaka Nakata remix) | Random J Pop

When I heard that Yasutaka Nakata was going to be remixing another one of Kylie's songs after his amazing remix of her 2010 single "Get outta my way" I was genuinely hyped to hear it. It would be an interesting mix given the experimental phase Yasutaka is in with his sound and it being subtly geared to Western audiences as a result of 2 acts he produces for being exposed to European and American audiences via tours and global releases of their albums in 2013.

Unfortunately Yasutaka's remix of Kylie's "Into the blue" is messy and unfocused - a far shy from the concise precision of his remix of "Gte outta my way" which elevated the original to such a level that it surpassed it. His remix of "Into the blue" directly picks up where Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's "Slomo" left off with its shifting tempo and dubstep style drops. But where Yasutaka built Pussy Pamyu's song around the sound, it feels like a tacked on afterthought here which doesn't add anything to the song and completely strips away Yasutaka's signature sound. Only towards the end does this remix begin to find itself, when Nakata's signature style rears itself with a stunning set of progressive synths and dance-around-the-strobe-light-like-a-hot-mess style Euphoria.

Unfortunately "Into the blue" isn't the emissary for him being a candidate for producing original material for Kylie in the way "Get outta my way" was. But hopefully fans will either like this more than I do or check out more of his stuff out of curiosity, something I urge you to do if you've not done so already.

I hope Nakata doesn't go any further with this dubstep style shit, because he doesn't do it all that brilliantly. I loved it in a small dose on Pusha P's "Invader invader". But between this, Perfume's "Sweet refrain" and Pussy Pamyu's "Slomo", I'm over it now.


  1. DAMMIT, YASU… WHAT THE HELL!? Had me waiting with baited breath for this… :(

  2. I'm really hoping she goes big. She really deserves it. Her voice and style is like a female version of Bruno Mars. And with that showwomanship, I bow down.

  3. That was beautiful to watch. If she's careful about her marketing she might make it big indeed. I haven't seen any of the big names in music sing live like that in so long, and I'm sure that others will find it refreshing.

  4. Love me some Jane, been listening to her since 2006. I'm glad that she's finally being recognized. 1st Vogue, then Covergirl, now the rest of America!


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