Perfume ready to snatch home release wigs on April 9th with their 4th tour in dome LEVEL3

Perfume will be releasing their 4th tour in dome LEVEL3 DVD / Blu ray on April 9th. Given that videos of their televised gig have been spectacularly snatched off of the internet, this legit preview of the tour DVD uploaded to Perfume's official YouTube channel is going to be the only tour related video which you can guarantee will stick around until the DVD drops. Most Prfm'ers have seen the whole thing by now anyway. And those with thousands of yen to spare will no doubt be shelling out for this shit.

I'm going to come out and just say it. Perfume's LEVEL3 tour was not that good. The "Party maker" performance was a f**king masterpiece which went above and beyond my expectations, which were higher than Rihanna and her bad bitch posse on a Wednesday night of ratchet Pictionary. But this is the only thing about their 4th tour in dome I really loved. The setlist was awful, some of the lighting and the stage positioning of the girls during certain songs were plain bad. The girls were put on some cherry picker and lifted up and down as they waved to the crowd when their arses should have been dancing. Their 1,2, 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 tour as a whole was much better. Even their World tour 2nd drops a shit pebble on their LEVEL3 gig. If team Perfume have any sense and want that International currency, they will drop a DVD, Blu ray and iTunes release of World tour 2nd this year. The world needs to see A-chan shout 'Fish and chips' in HD and to also hear Nocchi tell the crowd how she is a sweaty girl in English.

Gig lowdown: Perfume gives London its life during their World tour 2nd stop at Sheperd's Bush
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