Mademoiselle Yulia becomes the face of H&M

Mademoiselle Yulia becomes the face of H&M | Random J Pop

Green haired music flop Mademoiselle Yulia has been picked as the face of Hennes & Mauritz's H&M ♥ music campaign, which spotlights 'emerging' artists. I won't shade Yulia for being referred to as an 'emerging artist' after multiple years in the game, 2 studio albums and a tour. I promise I won't.

Despite H&M touting this as a global campaign, the exposure of Yulia as one of the faces of this campaign has been pretty minimal outside of Japan, with their recent whoring of Miranda Kerr taking precedence absolutely everywhere. In Tokyo however, Yulia's face has been plastered all over the damn place.

Yulia has been making small waves outside of Japan, getting attention at European fashion events, her affiliation with Jeremy Scott, Adidas and also H&M's competitor UNIQLO. With Kyary Pamyu Pamyu being snapped up by Adidas and Diesel hitting up Hirari Ikeda for their reboot campaign, Harajuku's finest are clearly on the radar of global fashion brands and they all seem more than happy to oblige. Some would call it selling out, but your fave has to get paid somehow. It's all fashion.

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