Music video: Rita Ora - I will never let you down

I've not liked the Po' London Rihanna emulation aka Rita Ora since day one. I feel the same way about her as I do Jessie J; which is that everything about her feels way too forced and overblown, and that her music is so far from decency that it wouldn't know it if it shoved a microphone up its arsehole. Yet the charts love her and America seems to have a partial f**k to give her.

After topping charts with her inconsistent debut album Ora, parading around as Cara Delevigne's arm ornament and getting the D from Calvin Harris - Rita Oral (typo - not changing it) is back (although it feels like the trick never left) with the lead single from her second studio album O. "I will never let you down" is your basic run of the mill, EDM Summer fodder which could be sung and fronted by anybody, but UK radio stations will play the shit out of it, it's already doing extensive rounds in a TV commercial nationally in the UK and it's also produced by Calvin Harris - who hasn't had a song chart outside of the top 10 in the past 3 years. So a hit is more or less guaranteed. There goes the wake up in the form of a spectacular flop. Maybe next time.


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