Perfume's Music Japan performance of "Clockwork"

Perfume - Clockwork (Live performance) | Random J Pop

After denying Prfm'ers the "Clockwork" performance for what felt like FOREVER, they have finally quenched the thirsts in the fandom with not only their tour DVD which features said performance, but also a surprise performance of the song on Music Japan.

"Clockwork" was not a single, but it damn well should have been. There was no real reason for them to even perform this song on national television, but it's great that they did. It beats seeing another performance of "Magic of love" or "Chocolate disco". I'm skirting close to being sick to absolute death of that song now.

Perfume's dome tour performance of "Clockwork" was better, as there was more sharpness to the routine and the canonical sequences felt more pronounced because of the way the girls were positioned at varied heights on the stage. The girls probably deliberately dialled down this performance because nobody in attendance had paid to see them do anything and the crowd was so f**king dead that they probably figured that don't think they deserve it anyway.

It's nice to see Perfume's style game is showing some signs of being switched up, but A-chan stays looking like the weakest link. She must have had it written into her contract that she will always wear the most unflattering cut dress out of the three girls, the nastiest cut skirt and a top which has a numerical value of sex appeal running into negative figures. It is the only explanation.

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