Perfume's "Sleeping beauty" 'performance' from their LEVEL3 4th tour in dome

Perfume - Sleeping beauty | Random J Pop

Unfortunately Perfume's "Sleeping beauty" performance wasn't my dream performance which saw Nocchi, A-chan and Kashiyuka go to work on a routine in a Kaftan hijab and start working waists when the bagpipes drop, but what they delivered was still amazing on whole other level.

"Sleeping beauty" was 'a live performance' but not in the conventional sense. It was a tour intermission which was essentially a beautifully visualized thank you to the fans. It's an amazingly crafted visual which utilizes technology developed by Daito Manabe of the Rhizomatics: the man and the team behind much of the amazing technical feats we've witnessed from Perfume over the course of their LEVEL3 era. Check out the spectacle below and be prepared to rewind and get your life from: THAT walk in those dresses and the BOWSS-ness when Perfume break out of their glass capsules.

Each of the weird little caricatures in the video were fans in attendance at the tour. Before entering the arena, fans had to under-go a 3D scan. At the time nobody really knew what this was for. Some may have had a clue based on what we had seen of the global site from way back. But the scope of it was fully realized during "Sleeping beauty" and you can only imagine the delight of fans once they had realized that they were in fact part of a Perfume visual. The whole concept behind this use of 3D scanning and also the crux of Perfume's global site is 'physicalizing data'. Something Daito would develop further for future showcases in inspiration of his work for Perfume.

When the video displayed Are you ready?, what followed next was "Party maker" aka The baptism. Game over. No more hair for you. Pray for Curaga.

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  1. Omg... Clockwork's choreography has slayed me J. Screw Party Maker's choreo,

    Clockwork's is the best thing mikiko has made since Spending all my time

  2. This makes that Handy Man Interlude look like garbage. Loved the part where they smashed the glass spheres, that was some DBZ shizz.


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