Was in Rome. Getting my life. Back now.

Apologies for the severe lack of updates. In general I apologise, as I know I've not been updating this here blog as often as I should / would like. But last week I had a legitimate reason; I was away on holiday in the lovely city of Rome, getting my life in the Sistine chapel.

If you have an appreciation and love of history, art and architecture, I strongly recommend Rome. It's a beautiful city with awe inspiring art, buildings and views at every turn. Never have I been to a city where there is such a thin line between shit holes and utter beauty. You would be on some ghetto ass street with rubbish and beggars everywhere, only to turn a corner and find a beautiful spectacle like the Trevi fountain. It's bizarrely beautiful.

Anywho. I'm back now, so will slowly been getting back into the swing of things.


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