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Bless this woman. She really is trying to act brand new with this album of hers. Ayumi Hamasaki's 15th full length studio album Colours (British English spelling duly noted) features a couple of career firsts. Colours marks the first album of Ayu's to feature production from a range of non Japanese producers, not to mention two of which are big US producers: Red One and Rodney Jerkins, both of whom had two of their biggest hits with Lady Gaga's "Bad romance" and "Telephone" respectively. Colours is also the first Ayu album to not feature an intro or any interludes, making it her leanest album yet at just 10 tracks.

  1. Feel the love
  2. XOXO
  3. What is forever love
  4. Hello new me
  5. Pray
  6. Angel
  7. Terminal
  8. Merry-go-round
  9. Lelio
  10. Now & 4eva

Ayu has become somewhat proficient in the art of looking like a blow up sex doll. But ever since Party queen flopped and backhanded her back handed her back to reality, she has been toning the fried wigs, collagen bloated lips and contact lenses down. The ultimate result being the album covers for Colours. I can not lie. Ayu looks good. Really f**king good. I don't think she has ever looked THIS good.

Whilst Ayu is sporting a slick new look and a super lean album track list, the music itself still leaves a lot (or nothing rather) to be desired. Ayu took two steps forward, but leaned right the way back. If it is any consolation to Ayu fans, one of the Team Ayu editions of Colours comes with a candle which you can burn in memory of Ayu's career.


  1. I was shocked my damn self when I saw this! She looks fantastic… Let's hope the artwork translates well enough to the music (even though we pretty much heard every song already in full…)

  2. It's a solid album. It's really hard to get used to her horrible english.

  3. I haven't heard ANYTHING on this album. For I am blessed. I haven't been able to keep up with this woman and bother to stay in the know with her. There's no point. Even at the expense of my YouTube troll game, which has slid right down to h311.

    Her career is exhausting. Her release cycle is exhausting. And it's just too much effort when you don't ever like anything ever in a betch discography ever.

    She makes a troll work for that troll game. And if I can't even be bothered to listen out of the pure joy of the hatred that I know will ensue, then the point of this wreck of a betch is as good as avada kedavra'ed.

  4. Chris Redfield19 June 2014 at 18:13

    is this the official lelio pv??????????????

  5. She does look fantastic and possibly more gracefully youthful as she ever has more stripped down and with all those spot-on close up shots. But than again, so did Ms. Spears on the cover for "Britney Jean" last year, and we all know well that sounded and sold (there would seem to be a parallel in diminished artistic and commercial returns for these both former 'world's biggest pop superstars')...

    On a side note J, WHEN are you going to post regarding Queen Namiserable's "BALLADA" 2 consecutive #1 week slayage on Oricon (300,000 units and rapidly counting shoved beyond the brick and mortar CD double doors)? Homegirl has already snatched and flushed every other J-pop's chicks' wigs and wonder weaves for the year, Ayu & Koda are left speechless and thirsting for relevance!! Ya' regular readers wanna see it sometime long before Namie starts that supporting tour later this summer, and before another P**** Pamyu post:D.

  6. The album leaked earlier this week (I haven't had time to listen to the entirety of it) and sounds like a ratchet combination of Namie's FEEL, NEXT LEVEL, and Party Queen with a pinch of Namie's Dance Tracks vol. 1.

  7. "WHEN are you going to post regarding Queen Namiserable's "BALLADA" 2 consecutive #1 week slayage on Oricon (300,000 units and rapidly counting shoved beyond the brick and mortar CD double doors)? Homegirl has already snatched and flushed every other J-pop's chicks' wigs and wonder weaves for the year, Ayu & Koda are left speechless and thirsting for relevance!!"

    I'M WEAK!!!!

  8. Pros - this is the best she's looked in ages

    Cons - this is cheap as fuck; Avex has seriously given up on that woman. Also, her inability to dance is only highlighted by this shit


    That's embarrassing! She looks like a wannabe Namie and Kumi, but ended up pulling off Tsuzuki Ami!


    She has definitely sunken to something lesser than nothing.

    Someone say BAI!

  10. James Smith III20 June 2014 at 10:30

    "wonder weaves" #dead

  11. The covers are some of my favorites and some of the best she's had in her entire career. The album isn't as bad as I assumed it would be but it's still deprived of any form of originality.

    Despite my qualms, it's the only album of hers that I can listen to without yawning incessantly. I feel Ayu is better suited to working with foreign producers.

  12. Not a chance on any good music my man; I've listened to the album preview of every track some few dozen times and it honestly gets more exhausting and anodyne with each passing session. Only Terminal & Lelio are worth regular repeats thus far, XOXO is at least fun and jamming but hardly inspired and the rest is fairly subpar. Better quality and more cohesive than any whole album she's done since her '(Miss) Understood' era but I wouldn't ever go out of my way to put out hard earned money and get a physical copy of it, unlike say, anything with Utada's name on it...

  13. Yeah, I heard it too… To me, I really enjoyed the songs that sound similar or close to classic Ayumi: "What is forever love" especially. As for the rest, aside from XOXO, this sounds like an album you'd enjoy one listen, then just can't tolerate the next listen. But, it IS a step in the right direction as far as experimentation…

  14. Can somebody please explain to this humble brazilian what the fuck is a lelio?

  15. I... I think she means radio, but decided to misspell/mispronounce it to be cool. Or something.

  16. italiano bambino22 June 2014 at 08:22

    So far my favorite track is xoxo good beat

  17. This video wasn't bad… when it was "Calabria 2007" or "Fight For This Love" or "Naturally"… She looks hot for Koda Kumi, tho…

    Wait… 0_o

  18. This album is actually REALLY good! The only song im not feeling at all is ironically "Feel the love" and XOXO is not as good as it used to be, i got tired of it quick.

    Pray, Merry Go Round, Leilo, Angel, and What is Forever Love are AMAZING and im gonna be bopping to them for a while.

    Terminal and Now&4EVA are decent, i like Terminal > Now & 4EVA though. Terminal has a great beat and is the most "edm" on the album to me.

    Im impressed Ayumi, EDM Ayu is where its at.

  19. Chris Redfield24 June 2014 at 13:12
    XOXO short version! where is that blogger! i am sure he has a life but me is hungry for an ayumi critic! prease i neeju!!!


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