Crystal Kay gets style spotted at a Chanel event. Most promo she's gotten since 2013.

Crystal Kay at Chanel Paris-Dallas | Random J Pop

Crystal is living that life. Her daily routine seems to consist of everything but the things that could catch her a hit. On her Insta she's out having dinner, always in the gym, chillin' with Mom's and the Gram-grams, but rarely do you see this girl catching a meeting at a record label, doing a photoshoot or kicking it with music video directors. The one constant and consistent thing in Crystal Kay's daily however is fashion. She digs it and she works it.

Crystal Kay recently attended the Chanel's Paris-Dallas event in Tokyo where she looked absolutely on point and put Mademoiselle Yulia's Power ranger suit and Yu Yamada's Hairspray outfit to a type of shame. To such a point that she caught the attention of the online only clothing retailer ASOS and a couple of fashion blogs over her style game, more specifically her turning up to the event with 2 handbags. Why did Crystal Kay rock up with 2 handbags? Because she f**king felt like it, that's why. The reason is more likely that they were both loaded with copies of Vivid and USB keys featuring "Busy doing nothing" and "Rule your world" which she planned on throwing onto the runway during the show.

This is officially the most promo Crystal Kay has gotten since 2013.

If there is one thing which CK has a handle on its her style and beauty game. The woman is gorgeous. Her management need to pimp her to modelling agencies and have her do 'a Cassie'. The big music break isn't going to come unless she spring boards it off of something else...or Queen Namiserable I performs a career transference ritual. So she may as well look pretty in photos for money instead of Instagram likes. If she gets big via fashion gigs she can always use it as a platform for her music. Granted, this didn't work for P. Diddy's break off Cassie. Her Electro love album stays shelved in that same vault where all Bad boy artists' careers get locked up to die, but she stays cashing those modelling cheques. Music is failing Mademoiselle Yulia to no end, so what is she doing? Getting paid by H&M and Nazir Mazhar. I'm ready to see my Caramel queen plastered everywhere. Crystal Kay needs to start thinking about how to push her music to a wider audience and get it off the ground via means other than music itself. She's gotta work that cross marketing, cross career synergy. Grinding on the music alone is not going to do shit for her now.


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