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Jessie Ware - Tough love | Random J Pop

Ever since dropping her single "Imagine it was us" from the reissue of her debut album back in 2013 I have been thirsty for a new song from the London born songstress that is Jessie Ware. This woman had me stalking her Instagram and Soundcloud accounts daily for scraps of some new new material. But today she finally put me out of my misery and served me a glass of some Prince realness with her brand new single "Tough love", which is already on my shortlist for my song of the Summer.

"Tough love" is an absolute slow moving beast of a song. It makes me think of dolphins body rolling in the barrier reef with Mermaids twerking in slow motion, along with Summer drives through Miami on a road with nobody but you on it. The mood setting slice of perfection is produced by BenZel,a production duo comprised of Two inch punch and Benny Blanco of Ke$ha and "Move like jagger" fame. Then there are Jessie's vocals which set the whole thing off wonderfully and will surprise those familiar with her, noting instantly that she's singing in a much higher register than she's ever sung before; something which Jessie was and still is unsure of, considering that she originally recorded the song a whole octave lower.

We indulged a bit with sonics and seeing what I can do with my voice. It's definitely in a higher register than I usually sing in. Actually, I sung the whole song an octave lower, and then one of my producers was like, "Go and try the higher up,” and I was like, "Nah, I can't do it up there," and he's like, "Just try it!" And I did. Moving it up to a higher octave definitely gives it this other character. I'm telling you, I'm scared about singing this one live, I'm not gonna lie.

- Pitchfork

Between "Tough love" and Jessie's 2013 release "Imagine it was", she has already exhibited a subtle departure from everything she recorded from Devotion, whilst still retaining that essence that made Jessie a certified silent wig snatcher.

Jessie second studio album is set to drop before the end of the year. The new set is executive produced by BenZel and features production from her partners in crime Julio Bashmore, Kid Harpoon and Dave Okumu, as well a collaboration with Miguel.


  1. I like this, but I loved devotion as well; What won't you Do for love is a modern day classic!

  2. Well... You go, girl. I was turned into a Jessie Ware fan when I heard her collaboration with Katy B (if y'all haven't heard it, you need too), but this song just might turn me into a crazed stan. It's so good, y'all...


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