Kyary Pamyu Pamyu F-bombs during her "Kira kira killer" performance on national TV. Possibly. Kind of. Okay, not really.

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu performs "Kira kira killer" live | Random J Pop

Pamyu Pamyu performed "Kira kira killer" live, and whilst I am not about her live performances, I needed to witness her performance of "Kira kira killer" as confirmation that Kyary Pussy Pam was shouting out "F.U.C.K" during the song. Unfortunately she isn't. Although we can all pretend that she is because it is better this way, or chalk the "L.U.C.K" up to a mistake on the caption crews' behalf. It wouldn't be the first time lyrics had been mistakenly subtitled on Japanese television. It happens quite a lot with any song which has Engrish slapped on it.

When will your fave dance on national television in a doo doo leg wrap skirt with backing dancers wearings wigs and face masks made of dust?

I don't get why Planet Hollywood chose to give Britney sack fulls of money for life for a residency, when they could have paid Kyary in Jelly beans for a 1 week spectacular which would have shitted all over Britney ruining her own classics and given atendees and actual show. Could you imagine what the f**k type of set Pussy Pam would have with that Britney Piece of me set budget!? She already burnt off Britney's edges with her concert in Yokohama which had a Walt Disney castle on stage and some giant Deku deku tree shit in front of it.


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