Momoiro Clover Z sing the theme song to the Sailor moon reboot

Sailor moon has returned to Japanese TV with an all new series Sailor moon crystal. As is customary it features a theme song sung by a J-Pop group. One of many. In this case, Momoiro Clover Z. The song is completely indistinct and is your typical anime show theme with a stomping beat and a lashing of 'rawk'. The song will barely matter to fans of Sailor moon though. I mean, c'mon. SAILOR MOON IS BACK!!

I'm not for this theme song at all. But Momoiro Clover Z are getting paid for it, so I will clap for that. Even though that money is going into bank accounts they won't have access to until they're 18. I would have got on board with the song if it were this one (dat bass line). Or if the intro to Sailor moon crystal featured Sailor moon doing this to their song.

Ida "Inxi" Holmlund / Sailor moon death drop | Random J Pop


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