Music video: Ariana Grande featuring Iggy Azalea - Problem

Ariana Grande says she's got one less problem thanks to ditching her deadbeat boyfriend in this song, but the one which still remains is that she can not dance for shit. Another is that Ariana has about as much sass as a sack of dead raccoons. Iggy Azalea was selling her Barbarella look and verse in all of the ways Ariana should have been. There is no conviction behind Ariana's actions, dancing nor her delivery on this song, which is what causes complete disconnect for me.

"Problem" is catchy, but Ariana doesn't matter on it. She could scream the alphabet from A to Z all over it and she still wouldn't matter. The catchiest parts of the song are the whispers and the saxophone on the hook. Give me the instrumental to this and I won't feel any differently about it not featuring any of Ariana's vocals.

If Ariana wants tips on how to sell sass on a track with horns and an 'I don't give a fuck attitude', then she needs to run a YouTube search on this...

How Ariana Grande can get her life from Namie Amuro | Random J Pop

And then get her life.


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