Music video: Ayumi Hamasaki - Lelio

I feel sorry for Ayumi Hamasaki. Honestly, I do. Because she genuinely does not seem to know the different between what is hot or what is not any more. First off, this video looks like a commercial for Just dance on the Wii U. That CGI and that editing was about as hot as a Norweigan castle brick in December. Ayu herself looked half way decent, even if she was dressed up in Kumi Koda's Summer trip outfit rejects. But this entire video is a complete and utter mess. When Ayu used to drop a music video, it was like a national event. This woman would put an amount of money and effort into her music videos that very few other artists globally would. She set a standard for music videos in J-Pop. Now her music videos look like cheap pieces of shit.

People have been asking what a "Lelio" is. I can only deduce that Ayu is actually trying to say "Radio" based on the lyrics about turn it up and DJ's, but she can't quite get it right. Hence "Lelio". Maybe. Quite possibly. Maybe when Ayu is done being a mess she can tell us all. Not that it matters. A mess is still a mess.


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