Music video: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - Kira kira killer

The music video to Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's "Kira kira killer" makes about as much sense as most of her music videos, which is no sense what-so-ever. If this video is your first introduction to Pussy Pamyu then I wish you all the best. But for those who are up on this girl, it's just another zany visual from the girl who is printing money faster a new Pokémon video game.

In this visual we see Pusha P get shot with an arrow and her spirit don a superhero outfit, whose ability seems to be Lord knows what. Who is she saving? Herself? The star killer? WHO THE HELL IS THIS STAR KILLER!? Who even cares at this point when "Kira kira killer" is such a jam and it features what sounds like 'F.U.C.K' being chanted at multiple points throughout the song.

"Kira kira killer" is one of Pamyu's best singles from her Pikapika fantasian era. One of the main reasons I like it is because the hook reminds me so much of "Invader, invader" which is one of my favourite Pussy Pam jams. Much like "Invader, invader" though, "Kira kira killer" got itself a bit of a shit video which doesn't do the song any form of justice. The CGI looked cool, but with the whole superhero thing going on with Pussy Pam's outfit, it would have been great had we gotten some scenes to match the outfit concept. She pretty much could have just ripped off the entire treatment from one of her toothpaste commercials. All she had to do was replace the food with cupids, the giant tooth with a giant star and her giant toothbrush could have been a candy cane or something, ' cos we know Pusha P loves her some sweets and shit.


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