Music video: PSY featuring Snoop Dogg - Hangover

"Gangnam style" was a mess of a song. But it was a catchy mess that had us all doing the rodeo dance. Even if you couldn't stand the song, you had to have some admiration for the music video which was legitimately funny and entertaining, and you had to give props for it managing to cross over to the West in such a spectacular way. But what Pandora's box unleashed as a result of the global success of "Gangnam style" is shit like "Hangover". A song which tries to replicate "Gangnam style" to an extent, fails and manages to drag a well known American music star down with it. Although with Snoop Dogg Reggae attempt and starring in a UK car insurance commercial, there's only so much farther he can actually go.

"Hangover" is plain awful. It's not so awful it's good. It's just plain f**king, downright awful. The music video is as much of a mess as the song, something it manages to get away with because the song itself is about being hungover. The only positive thing I can say about it is that the former rapper turned caricature Snoop Dogg genuinely looks like he had a great time shooting it. It's nice to see a featured artist not phone in their appearance for a music video and have on-screen chemistry with the leading artist.

I get that taking the piss and putting out this type of 'comedic' tripe is PSY's thing now. But you can still make something great and decent out of a mockery. He may want to check out The lonely island, whose videos and songs are complete jokes. Not just because they're funny, but because the songs are actually really f**king good.

Internet. If you support this shit, then you are dooming us all.


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