Music video: Taeyang shows skin, abs and chest for "Eyes, nose, lips"

Taeyang is doing his best D'Angelo impression in his latest music video, but unfortunately ladies and gentleman, the camera doesn't linger on Taeyang's torso and he has his trousers on. No Taeyang D for you today. None at all. Not even a little bit.

"Eyes, nose, lips" is the lead promotional track from Taeyang's 3rd solo album Rise. Much like the video, the song is drab, boring and depressing. It seems to have become a rite of passage at YG over the past 2 years that every act whether it be as part of a group or solo will have to roll out with at least one really sombre, borderline depressing song with a video which features some flesh and some post apocalyptic, abandoned building of sorts. Maybe YG are trying to show how multi faceted their acts are by shying them away from the typical pop / hood hybrid bangers with a music video which looks like Jeremy Scott had sex with a rubix cube in the Cerebro room from the X-Men films.


  1. Is Taeyang sexy though?.....

  2. I am so glad you posted about this! I was thoroughly disappointed when I saw this video, especially since this has been a heavily delayed album. You would think they would go for something big for the MV for the first single of the album...instead they give us this low budget mess. Like I said on another site, GD has a higher budget for his weave pieces than Taeyang had for this video. I personally liked the song but the video...not so much. I'm surprised you didn't mention the fast food worker realness he was serving with that hair net! lol

  3. It's probably my thirst for BIGBANG's shortest, but I liked this song and video. With how terrible Ringa Linga was, I was happy, he went back to his "roots" for this album; I was not ready for another G-Dragon impression, y'all.

  4. Lmfao, the last sentence got me completely dead.

  5. I don't get all the negativity surrounding the MV. Simplicity has its place and it was best suited for his first of three MV releases. I appreciate that Teayang wanted the listener to focus primarily on the touching lyrics and vocal delivery which Korean audiences have incessantly praised him and Epik High's Tablo (song writer) for over the past few days. Sappy ballads have always been a hit in the Asian music scene and always will, therefore the song and MV was not meant to suit Western tastes.

    Personally, I've become quite bored with the usual flashy, forcefully artistic, and overly dramatic MV's that have come out in mainstream Korean music as of late. So this was a breath of fresh air. :)

  6. Chris Redfield6 June 2014 at 20:21

    when will korean artists will do songs for persons that are above 18 years old?


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