Perfume announce World tour 3rd and the home release of World tour 2nd

Based on the success of their second world tour and their commitment to becoming global stars, Perfume have announced their third world tour. Fans in the States have been begging, pleading, making blood oaths and sacrifices for Perfume to visit the US and they've finally gotten their wishes; as Perfume will take their tour to L.A and New York.

The trailer could have been a little better and edited with the clean aesthetic Perfume are associated with, but it just about managed to convey what make Perfume such badass bitches and what sets them apart from just about every group in existence.

If you are able to make any of the World tour 3rd dates, I'd strongly urge you to check Perfume out live if you can. Even if you aren't 100% into their music, go for the experience. I ended up dragging a friend to their World tour 2nd whom had only heard their song "Glitter" (because I am forever playing it in my car). He hadn't seen any of their live performances nor heard any of their other songs. But after their tour, he copped their entire discography, started following every Perfume fan based Instagram account and subscribed to their YouTube channel. That Perfume magic of love is as real as f**k.

You can view the dates at the official website here. Ticket sale dates are still TBC for some of the gigs, so keep checking the site for updates. Or just bookmark the page and just keep F5'ing the shit until you see the tickets are on sale.

Taiwan | Taipei International Convention Center
October 31st, 2014
NT$1500, NT$2500, NT$3500
On sale to general public: TBA

Singapore | Resorts World™ Theatre, Resorts World Sentosa
November 2nd, 2014
S$148, S$188
On sale to general public: TBA

USA, Los Angeles | Hollywood palladium
November 9th, 2014
On sale to general public: TBA

USA, New York | Hammerstein ballroom
November 15th, 2014
$35 - $45
On sale to general public: June 27th, 2014

UK, London | Eventim Hammersmith Apollo
November 12th, 2014
£25 - £35
On sale to general public: July 4th, 2014

In addition to announcing World tour 3rd, Perfume also announced that there will be an official DVD and Blu ray release of World tour 2nd, shot at the London leg of their tour at the o2 Shepherd's Bush Empire. Perfume's World tour 2nd was a hell of a show. The setlist was tight, their showmanship was great and even despite the simple stage set up, all 3 girls lit up the stage between them. They really held their own and showed that for all of the reliance on Nakata's music and their creative team, none of that shit can work with out them. So it's great that there will be a home release for everybody who couldn't attend this tour and an official HD memory for those who did.

World tour 2nd: Perfume gives London its life
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  1. i know everyone here on randomj needs a workout! ! xoxo

  2. Wow. Avex will really do anything to get an extra buck.

  3. OMG, they're coming to my town! I NEED TO GO TO THIS SHOW!!!

  4. Yass yass yass, I just got so hype right now! My body is so ready for this tour.

  5. The trailer was messy, but it did it's job. It's a damn shame I live entirely too far away from New York or LA, but cheers to everyone that can go. And y'all best believe I'm copping that World Tour 2nd DVD.

  6. This looks like some shit that was pitched to Avex ages ago, but they're just now greenlighting it because they need all the money they could get from Ayu shitting all over the place. I hope no one buys this shit, either. It's a shame, because Colours is actually kind of good (well, the best thing she's put out in a while, anyway); why can't she just spend her time promoting that shit -_-

  7. "Idol but also an artist."


  8. see you hos @ the nyc show


  9. I like how they only use songs from the turn of the century. Like they're admitting she hasn't released anything good since 2004.

  10. Perfume magic of love is very real. My boyfriend, before I dragged him to World Tour 1st in Singapore, only ever really heard "Natural Ni Koishite". After that, he's gone and gotten their entire discography and all their concert DVDs and couldn't wait to see them live again now that he knows their stuff. Sooo glad they're coming back to Singapore!!

  11. Looooooooool, bitch you did not.

  12. Tai Chai Latte29 June 2014 at 03:48

    All them animal sacrifices have finally paid of ey? I've got my tickets too! XD

  13. I sacrificed namie's first born to get these e-tickets.

  14. starlightshimmers29 June 2014 at 22:45

    Well they are tho.

    Idols focus less on music and more on entertainment and personality (variety shows and dramas in particular). Artists focus more on music, such as touring and single releases. Perfume is a mixture of both. Arashi is an example of a pure idol group, their popularity is largely based on their personality. Namie Amuro is an example of an artist, bitch rarely appears on TV and we don't know much about her personality other than her miserable fierce bitch face.

    This divide doesn't really exist outside of Japan so you'd find it confusing.

  15. You just called Namie an "artist", whilst mentioning her side line ho modeling, whilst simultaneously referencing her lack of tv appearances when her face is on every Magazine before she releases something, during and loooong after. Not to mention, your definition of an artist seems to be someone who STAYS HOME.

    Namie writes nothing, produces nothing, arranges nothing, mixes nothing, and without heavy layering, texturing and strong pitch manipulation of her voice to make her sound like a girl who hasn't smoked her vocals away, she couldn't sing anything.

    Honey, YOU are confused.

  16. I see a road trip to New York in the near future...

  17. starlightshimmers1 July 2014 at 18:36

    Namie Amuro is what you call a pop artist that focuses on style and image. Since when was it mandatory for a POP ARTIST to write or producer their own songs? Rihanna certainly doesn't write her own songs, bitch can't even sing live (flat voice, horrid dancing), but people call her an artist because of her style and image. The magazine photoshoots is an extension of her career. Did I mention that Namie Amuro stays home? No. I'm pretty sure Namie Amuro parties and gets drunk and god knows probably sleeps around Tokyo going on gangbangs and shopping sprees but she keeps it private.

    Idol is someone who parades around their personality on TV all the time, using a lot of fan service. ARASHI and AKB48 fit into this category.

  18. Gangbangs? LOL

    She chooses who writes her music and does all the hard work an artist does so she's an artist too? LOL

    Let me go get someone to write my thesis for me. Then I'll take all the credit for that too.

    If Namie could sing, this wouldn't matter. Just like beYAWNce, she steals, but she can sing so it's okay. Namie's hair is more of a factor in her career than she herself has ever been at any point. EVER.

    Conversation Over.

  19. She hasn't! POINT WELL MADE #NightCoveringShade (lol)...well, no hold up. There was 'My Story' and 'Memorial Address' that were a lottle above average but that's DEFINITELY the last year she had any singles or albums since her debut delivering those adamantium sales she & Avex got a little 2 snuggly in perfectly advertising for...

  20. You are making this hard for urself bro.I believe you have some issue.

  21. You're a month too late to matter. Sorry.


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